What kind of Foodie-Varsity Fan Are You?


In A Nutshell

Foodie-Varsity is not just another delivery service next door, we are looking to becoming a food network across Africa.

We can achieve this by empowering and encouraging community leaders to advocate for and increase access to healthy, locally-grown food.

By providing an online platform portal like Foodie-Varsity, we encourage people to share their experience about their popular local cooking skills.

We have a dedicated team that caters to each part of our business.

We are a people's person and would love to meet up for a chat on any ideas or concerns you may have

At The Core!

Our goal is to promote healthy living by talking about the effects of different nutrients on our bodies. This in turn helps in prevent certain diseases or health related problems associated with malnutrition like obsesity, kwashiorkor and diabetis.