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Ewedu soup (1Litre)

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Ewedu is green leafy vegetable found in Nigeria and Cambodia. Its botanical name is Corchorus Olitorius and it is a low calorie vegetable which can help you flatten your tummy and loose some weight.

Nutritional Information

The green leaves contain almost all of the nutrients needed by humans and are high in antioxidant property, primarily in the form of Vitamin E. These antioxidants combine with free radicals that cause health problems like arthritis, hardening of arteries, heart and kidney ailments and inhibit the harmful and destructive effects of these radicals.

  • Ewedu is a great option for those trying to loose weight.  1 cup mixed ewedu soup with a handful large prawns and no oil has less than  100 calories in comparison to same amount of Egusi with over 400 calories
  • Ewedu  is also beneficial for pregnant women
    The  leaf has been known to be a remedy for pregnant women experiencing prolonged labour. When a pregnant woman is experiencing prolonged labour, a bunch of ewedu leaves squeezed with the stem can be given to her to drink. It has also been discovered to aid milk secretion in lactating mothers.
  • It is used as herbal medicine to control o/ prevent dysentery, worm infestation and constipation.
  • Ewedu  leaves are rich in vitamins, carotinoids, calcium, potassium and dietary fibres. Although it has been grown for food, in recent times it has been discovered that ewedu has many other benefits, including anti-ageing benefits.

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  • Ewedu leaves (corchorus olitorius),
  • powdered potash,
  • water,
  • locust beans,
  • Salt

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