ofe nsala
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Nsala white soup (1Litre 6Protein)

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Ofe Nsala – White Soup is a mouth watering delicacy peculiar to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, especially the people of Anambra state.  It is a very rich fresh fish soup, traditionally made with Catfish. Efik people have their own version of White Soup which is known as Afia Efere…its all delicacy and yummy.

Freshly prepared and packaged in 1litre soup box with 6pcs of protein (fish or beef)

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  • cat fish,
  • yam,
  • Utazi Leaves,
  • parsley,
  • dry crayfish,
  • Uyayak – aidan fruit
  • cayenne pepper,
  • seasoning
  • stockfish


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