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Okro soup (1Litre 6Protein)

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This nutritious vegetable pod when ripe for consumption is green, tender and immature. the African okra soup where the vegetable originated from is being prepared by cutting into smaller pieces and it looks sticky while the American type is prepared in it whole form. Okra soup is a healthy choice if you want to loose weight and be eating healthy. it is low in calorie where a cup of okro will give you 36 calories and fiber which helps with slow and proper digestion of food which have effects on weight loss. A cup of okro soup will give you 4g of fiber. Okra is rich in other minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein, folic acid, vitamin A and C which has tremendous benefits.

Freshly prepared and packaged in 1litre soup box with 6pcs of protein (fish or beef)

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