Foodie-Varsity’s Upcoming Events:

As a food network we are on the lookout for new opportunities that come our way.

Please view the many events we have to come to the Foodie-Varisy restaurant this year.

If you require more information on any of these dates, feel free to contact the restaurant as we would be more than happy to help.

1. JOB Opportunities

At Foodie-Varsity, we aspire to be a food network as opposed to another food delivery service next door.

We want revolutionise that way people think about food beacuse you are what you eat.

We believe we can achieve this by hiring people who have passion, knowledge and and drive about the very essence of food.

So where do you see yourself? …at Foodie-Varsity?

Contact us

2. Using our public event booking system

If you have any queries about the booking process or about the event you are booking please send us an email for that event. Their contact details can be found on the event details information page. They will be available during office hours Monday to Friday.”


  • Sign in or register as a new organisation
  • Input date and time of event
  • Fill in delegate details
  • Confirm all the details on the booking form are correct and submit your event
  • We will contact you to confirm bookings. By law we may have to reject some events due to conflict of interest.
  • If your event is accepted, we will post your event in our diary as acknowledgement confirmed on our path
  • Your booking will not be confirmed until both the booking form and the payment has been received by our office.
  • All bookings are subject to availability.
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