Account types


A customer has read access and make comment on their own posts. By default all new users will be given this role upon registration.


Subscribers can read our site, post comments, and create a profile through our WordPress dashboard. You will not have any other permissions, and can’t edit settings or content on your site.


The Editor role is a great choice for users who need permission to access all of the content, but not themes, plugins, or widgets. Editors can publish, edit, or delete any page or post, including those labeled “private”. They can also moderate comments and manage categories and links. In short, editors can do almost anything with content, but they can’t change any settings.


Administrators hold the key to the WordPress castle. They can perform every task available through the WordPress dashboard, including changing themes, modifying core files, and changing other users’ roles. Admins also have complete control over all content.

By default, your user is set-up as a customer

If you require permission to any of the roles stated above, please contact to update your user profile,

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